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The Cost Analysis of a Traditional “Kevili” Table in 2024

In 2024, the expenditure associated with assembling a traditional “kevili” table for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year has seen a decrease compared to 2023, yet it remains more than double the amount recorded in 2019.

The cost of ingredients in 2024 has reduced by 2% from the preceding year. Contrastingly, in 2023, the expenses surged by 2.3 times in comparison to 2019. However, in 2024, this escalation has slightly diminished to 2.2 times the cost recorded in 2019. A “kevili” table, adorned with an assortment of traditional Sri Lankan sweetmeats symbolizing prosperity and joy, holds cultural significance during festive occasions.

Although variations exist among households, the quintessential components of a “kevili” table typically encompass milk rice, kokis, bananas, aluwa, kevum, dodol, mun kevum, and butter cake. The analysis utilized quantities derived from recipes featured on the popular YouTube channel “Appe Amma,” tailored for a household consisting of 4-5 individuals. Only the primary ingredients were factored into the cost estimation, excluding utilities (electricity/gas) and spices. Price data was directly sourced from the Department of Census and Statistics, incorporating its Open Market Weekly Average Retail prices in the Colombo District for the years 2019 (April Week 1), 2023 (April Week 1), and 2024 (March Week 3).

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