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Alibaba Cloud Announces Significant Price Reductions to Boost Appeal to AI Developers

China’s Alibaba Cloud revealed on Monday its plans to slash prices for products operated by its offshore data centers by up to 59%, intensifying efforts amidst heightened competition to attract artificial intelligence (AI) software developers.

The renowned cloud service provider disclosed that a broad spectrum of products encompassing computing, storage, network, database, and big data will benefit from an average reduction of 23% in prices.

This strategic move marks the third instance within the past year where the cloud division of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding (9988.HK) has embarked on price reduction initiatives. Notably, in February, Alibaba had already initiated a similar price reduction program targeting domestic users.

The price adjustments epitomize Alibaba’s persistent endeavors to entice developers into crafting data-intensive AI models and applications utilizing its cloud infrastructure.

Source: Reuters

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