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North Korea Bans Red Lipstick: A Symbol of Capitalism

Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, North Korea enforces strict and often peculiar laws, extending even to fashion choices. The regime’s latest decree imposes a ban on red lipstick, adding to a list of prohibited global fashion and cosmetic brands, with severe penalties for non-compliance.

The rationale behind this ban stems from the leadership’s perception of red lipstick as a symbol of capitalism rather than Communist ideology, despite its historical associations with Communism. In North Korea, heavy makeup is discouraged, seen as a manifestation of Western influence contrary to the regime’s values of simplicity and modesty.

However, the ban on red lipstick goes beyond political symbolism. The regime fears that the allure of red lipstick could contradict its emphasis on modesty, particularly among women. As a result, only minimal makeup is permitted by law.

North Korea’s control over personal appearance extends to various aspects beyond lipstick. In recent years, the regime has prohibited items and styles associated with capitalist ideals, such as skinny jeans, body piercings, and specific hairstyles like mullets and long hair for women. Only state-approved hairstyles are permissible for both genders.

Some bans appear to be more personal than ideological. Fashion styles resembling those of Kim Jong Un, such as black trench coats or his signature swept-back hairstyle, are reportedly prohibited to prevent emulation of the supreme leader.

To enforce these regulations, North Korea employs the “Gyuchaldae” or fashion police, tasked with monitoring citizens’ adherence to state-approved appearance standards.

Those who defy these regulations, such as by wearing banned clothing items like blue jeans, face severe consequences ranging from punishment and fines to public humiliation and destruction of their attire.

Source: NDTV

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