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Microsoft Introduces Spellcheck Feature to Notepad App on Windows 11

Microsoft is enhancing the functionality of its Notepad app on Windows 11 with the addition of a spellcheck feature. Currently available to testers, this new spellcheck support in Notepad is set to be rolled out to all Windows 11 users later this year.

The spellcheck feature in Notepad operates similarly to Microsoft Word or the Microsoft Edge browser. Misspelled words are automatically identified with red underlines, and users can rectify errors by right-clicking to access spelling suggestions. Additionally, Microsoft has integrated autocorrect functionality, ensuring that errors are corrected in real-time as users type. Notepad’s spellcheck feature will also extend support to multiple languages, allowing users to ignore words or add them to a personalized dictionary.

Dave Grochocki, principal product manager lead for Windows Inbox Apps, explained in a blog post, “This feature is enabled by default for some file types but is off by default in log files and other file types typically associated with coding.” Users have the flexibility to toggle this setting globally or for specific file types within Notepad’s app settings or temporarily for individual files through the context menu.

Spellcheck in Notepad represents the latest addition to a series of enhancements made to this native Windows 11 application. In December, Microsoft announced plans to introduce a character count feature to Notepad, following the recent addition of an autosave option that eliminates the need for manual saving before exiting the app. Notable improvements to Notepad include the introduction of dark mode, tab functionality, integration with the Copilot AI, and even the inclusion of a virtual fidget spinner.

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