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Nissan Unveils Ambitious Plans: 30 New Models, 1 Million Vehicle Sales Boost, and Profitability Drive

On Monday, Nissan Motor announced its bold strategy to launch 30 new models within the next three years, coupled with a target to increase global sales by 1 million vehicles while streamlining costs to bolster profitability.

In an update to its medium-term business plan, Japan’s third-largest automaker outlined its vision to achieve an operating profit margin surpassing 6% by the end of the financial year in March 2027, alongside a commitment to deliver total shareholder returns exceeding 30%.

While Nissan made strides as a trailblazer in electric vehicles with its all-battery-powered Leaf, its EV endeavors have faced stiff competition from industry giants like U.S.-based Tesla and Chinese frontrunner BYD, particularly in China, the world’s largest automotive market.

Nissan anticipates that all-battery-powered vehicles will constitute approximately one-fifth of its global sales by then, with another fifth derived from hybrid power systems, while vehicles solely reliant on internal combustion engines will make up the remaining 60%.

With an eye on the future, the Japanese automaker aims to elevate the share of electrified vehicles, including hybrids, to 60% of global sales by the close of the decade, a notable increase from its previous target of 55% set in February 2023.

In response to fierce competition, Nissan, along with its domestic counterpart Honda Motor, revealed plans this month to explore a strategic partnership to collaborate on essential components for EVs and other strategic areas.

Of the 30 new models slated for release, 16 will be electrified, comprising eight all-battery-powered vehicles and four plug-in hybrids. Nissan envisions slashing the cost of its next generation of EVs by 30% by 2030, aligning them competitively with internal combustion engine models.

In the North American market, Nissan plans to introduce seven new models and overhaul 78% of its passenger vehicle lineup for the Nissan brand, in addition to launching e-power and plug-in hybrid models.

Further expansion is on the horizon with the rollout of eight new-energy vehicles in China, including four under the Nissan brand, along with the introduction of six new models in Europe.

Looking ahead, Nissan sets its sights on introducing a new electric 3-row SUV by the end of the financial year in March 2029, boasting a 50% reduction in quick charging time and 50% higher energy density compared to the Ariya model. Source – Reuters

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