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US Braces for Potential Attack by Iran Amid Rising Tensions

According to a senior administration official speaking to CNN, the United States is on high alert and actively preparing for what they deem a “significant” attack. This attack could occur as early as within the next week and is expected to target Israeli or American assets in the region. The heightened tensions stem from Monday’s Israeli strike in Damascus, which resulted in the deaths of top Iranian commanders.

Senior US officials, alongside their Israeli counterparts, believe that an attack by Iran is inevitable. Both governments are aggressively positioning themselves in anticipation of various potential attack scenarios. The looming threat has prompted urgent discussions, including a phone call between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The possibility of a direct strike on Israel by Iran is particularly concerning to the Biden administration, as it could escalate the already volatile situation in the Middle East into a broader regional conflict. The recent drone attack near al-Tanf garrison in Syria, attributed to Iranian proxies, has added to the tensions following the Israeli strike on the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

The embassy strike marks a significant escalation, as embassies are considered sovereign territory. Iran has vowed revenge for the attack, which claimed the lives of several officials, including high-profile figures within Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards.

The United States has made it clear to Iran that it was not involved in the embassy strike and has warned against targeting American assets. Despite Iran’s initial blaming of the US for the attack, the US has reiterated its stance against any aggression towards its personnel and facilities.

As tensions escalate, both the US and Israel are bracing for potential retaliatory actions from Iran, with the situation remaining fluid and unpredictable.

[Source: CNN]

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