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UK MPs Call for Government Action on TikTok Misinformation

UK MPs urge the government to develop a TikTok strategy to tackle misinformation targeting young people. A cross-party committee emphasizes the need for the government to adapt to new platforms like TikTok, which have become significant sources of news for the youth. The recommendation is part of a broader report advocating for the use of trusted voices, such as scientists and doctors, to combat conspiracy theories and misinformation spreading on social media.

Data from Ofcom reveals that TikTok is cited as the leading news source for one in 10 individuals in the UK aged 12 to 15, while 71% of 16 to 24-year-olds prefer social media over traditional news websites. TikTok welcomes the suggestion for government engagement on social media platforms, highlighting the rapid evolution of information sources and audience habits in the digital age.

The committee stresses the importance of broadcasters being active on social media to counter disinformation effectively. The government’s ban on TikTok from official electronic devices underscores security concerns, although some departments still utilize the platform. MPs advocate for a more transparent approach from the government, urging it to leverage experts and boost trust by publishing evidence used in policymaking, particularly in areas susceptible to misinformation.

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