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UK and US Forge Landmark Agreement on Artificial Intelligence Safety

In a historic move, the United Kingdom and the United States have entered into a groundbreaking agreement aimed at testing and mitigating the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) models.

Marked as the first global bilateral pact on AI safety, the deal unites the governments of both nations to exchange technical knowledge, information, and talent concerning AI safety. UK Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan and US Commerce Secretary Fina Raimondo inked the agreement in Washington on Monday.

Michelle Donelan emphasized the urgency of action in the coming year, as the next generation of AI models emerges, potentially reshaping the landscape with unknown capabilities. She highlighted the significance of the agreement, particularly with the US—a renowned AI powerhouse—partnering with the UK, underscoring their leadership in AI safety.

Under the terms of the agreement, the UK’s newly established AI Safety Institute will collaborate with a forthcoming US counterpart to share research expertise. Their objective is to address AI risks comprehensively, including the independent evaluation of private AI models from entities like OpenAI. The collaboration draws inspiration from the security partnership between GCHQ and the National Security Agency.

Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, Head of AI Research at Zoho Corporation, stressed the necessity of collaboration between the UK and US to propel AI innovation responsibly. He highlighted the pivotal role of trust and safety in maximizing the benefits of AI across various sectors.

John Kirk, Deputy CEO at Inspired Thinking Group, lauded the collaboration’s potential to advance AI-powered solutions in marketing, emphasizing the importance of well-managed governance models to mitigate risks and promote widespread adoption.

Despite the focus on risk mitigation, Donelan clarified that the UK currently has no immediate plans to broaden AI regulation. Conversely, President Joe Biden has taken a more stringent stance on AI models posing national security threats, while the EU AI Act, enacted in April, adopts a robust regulatory approach.

Dr. Henry Balani, Global Head of Industry & Regulatory Affairs at Encompass Corporation, highlighted the role of AI, particularly generative AI, in enhancing financial services, emphasizing the significance of mitigating AI risks through collaborative efforts with the US.

The agreement signifies a significant step toward fostering AI innovation while safeguarding against potential risks, reflecting a shared commitment to responsible AI development and deployment.

[Source: BBN Times]

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