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Spotify Expands AI DJ Feature with Spanish-Speaking Version

Spotify is expanding its AI DJ feature by developing a version that will speak Spanish. Tech expert Chris Messina discovered the new AI DJ, called ‘DJ Livi’, in the app’s code. This version represents the first language expansion for the AI DJ, initially launched last year in English under the name ‘DJ X’. The new feature is expected to be available in Mexico, with potential for broader use wherever Spanish is spoken.

While Spotify has not officially confirmed the rollout of DJ Livi, the company acknowledged that it frequently tests new features to enhance user experience. A spokesperson emphasized that some tests lead to broader implementations while others provide valuable insights. This development aligns with the global popularity of the Spanish language and its significant presence in the US, where over 42 million people speak Spanish at home.

In addition to the AI DJ, Spotify is exploring other AI technologies, such as host-read ads for podcasts and personalized AI playlists. CEO Daniel Ek has indicated that AI will be crucial in personalization, advertising, and podcast summaries. These efforts highlight Spotify’s commitment to leveraging AI to improve its services and cater to a diverse user base.

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