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Nvidia Unveils Next-Generation AI Chip Promising 30x Faster Performance

Nvidia has revealed its latest artificial intelligence (AI) chip, boasting capabilities that can outperform its predecessor by up to 30 times. With an 80% market share, the company aims to solidify its dominance in the field.

During its annual developer conference, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang introduced the B200 “Blackwell” chip alongside a suite of new software tools. The company, ranked as the third-most valuable in the US, behind Microsoft and Apple, has witnessed a remarkable surge in its shares, climbing 240% in the past year, with a market value surpassing $2 trillion (£1.57 trillion) last month.

Amidst the conference’s kickoff, Huang humorously remarked, “I hope you realize this is not a concert.” However, observers like Bob O’Donnell from Technalysis Research noted a palpable excitement, comparing the event’s atmosphere to the early days of Steve Jobs’ presentations.

Nvidia anticipates major customers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI to utilize its new flagship chip for cloud-computing services and their AI initiatives. Additionally, the company introduced new software tools called microservices, enhancing system efficiency and simplifying the integration of AI models into business operations.

Further announcements included a new line of chips designed for automotive applications, capable of running chatbots within vehicles. Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers BYD and Xpeng are among those slated to adopt Nvidia’s new chips.

Huang also outlined a series of chips tailored for creating humanoid robots, inviting several such robots onstage during the presentation.

Established in 1993, Nvidia initially gained renown for its graphics processing chips, primarily catering to computer gaming. However, its strategic investments in machine learning features have propelled its market dominance, making it a pivotal player in the AI-driven technology landscape.

Despite facing intensified competition from rivals like AMD and Intel, Nvidia remains a key indicator of the proliferation of AI-powered technology across various industries. O’Donnell emphasized the rapid market growth, suggesting that even if Nvidia cedes some market share, its overall business is poised for expansion amid abundant opportunities in the sector.

Source: BBC

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