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China’s Embassy in Singapore Warns Citizens Against Overseas Gambling

China’s embassy in Singapore issued a stern warning on Monday, advising its citizens residing in the city-state to refrain from engaging in any form of betting. The embassy emphasized that gambling abroad violates Chinese laws, reflecting Beijing’s escalating efforts to crack down on Chinese nationals involved in gambling activities across Southeast Asia, a region popular among tourists.

In a statement, the embassy urged the majority of Chinese residents in Singapore to heighten their legal awareness and steer clear of gambling. Singapore hosts two prominent casinos, one managed by Las Vegas Sands and the other by Genting Singapore.

The embassy underscored that even though overseas casinos may operate within legal bounds, Chinese citizens participating in cross-border gambling activities could potentially breach Chinese laws. Furthermore, it cautioned that embassies and consulates might not be able to extend consular protection to individuals found violating such laws.

China has been intensifying its crackdown on cross-border, offshore, and online gambling, issuing similar warnings to several nations in its bid to combat illegal gambling practices and safeguard its citizens abroad.

Highlighting the risks associated with cross-border gambling, the Chinese embassy in Singapore cited concerns such as fraud, money laundering, kidnapping, detention, trafficking, and smuggling.

Similar warnings were recently issued by Chinese embassies in South Korea and Sri Lanka. Additionally, in a collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies from China and the Philippines on Feb. 22, over 40 Chinese nationals engaged in offshore gambling were repatriated.

The embassy reiterated China’s longstanding stance against all forms of gambling and emphasized its opposition to Chinese nationals leaving the country to engage in gambling activities abroad.

Moreover, China and Vietnam’s ministers of public security agreed to enhance law enforcement cooperation and signed a memorandum of understanding to combat cross-border gambling.

To facilitate reporting and combat cross-border and online gambling, China’s Ministry of Public Security has established a reporting platform where Chinese citizens can provide information and report suspected illicit activities.

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