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Ceylon Chamber Embraces Digital Economy as Catalyst for Sri Lanka’s Growth

The Ceylon Chamber recognizes the pivotal role of the Digital Economy in propelling Sri Lanka’s economic acceleration. The recently unveiled National Digital Economy Strategy 2030, spearheaded by the Ministry of Technology, serves as a strategic roadmap to unlock the vast potential of the digital realm. Emphasizing key areas such as digital infrastructure enhancement, Digital ID implementation, cybersecurity legislation improvement, connected digital governance, and bolstering digital skills across government and industry, the strategy aligns closely with the Chamber’s longstanding advocacy efforts, particularly regarding the swift enactment of the Digital ID.

Active participation in the strategy’s consultation process underscores the Chamber’s commitment to shaping its development. Through representation in the High-Level Officers Committee overseen by the Secretary to the Prime Minister, and through the diligent contributions of the Chamber’s Digital Economy committee, valuable input and guidance have been provided. As the strategy document undergoes public and stakeholder review, there exists an opportune moment for further engagement to fortify the strategy and its execution plan.

While the formulation of strategies is crucial, their effective implementation is paramount. The strategy document delineates an institutional framework for implementation and outlines a proposed action plan. Ensuring successful execution necessitates robust governmental ownership and collaboration with industry stakeholders. The Chamber stands ready to play an active role in this collaborative endeavor to realize the transformative potential of the digital economy.

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