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BARK Air: World’s First Luxury Jet Charter for Dogs Set to Take Off

Dogs are in for a treat as they prepare to embark on their very own “furst” class flight with the launch of the world’s premier jet charter company tailored specifically for our beloved canine companions.

In a groundbreaking partnership, BARK, the renowned dog toy company behind the popular treat subscription service BarkBox, is teaming up with a private jet charter service to revolutionize long-distance travel for dogs, as stated in a press release. BARK Air, as the initiative is aptly named, promises to deliver a “white glove experience” reminiscent of human first-class travel, now exclusively catered to pooches.

Transporting dogs by air has traditionally been a stressful affair, with airlines enforcing varying policies on pet travel. American Airlines, for instance, permits small dogs in carriers beneath the seat in front, while larger breeds are relegated to cargo, a situation known to induce anxiety in pets. United Airlines allows pets in the cabin space if space permits, provided they fit within a designated carrier.

“We are thrilled to leverage our extensive experience to craft an experience that prioritizes the needs of dogs, offering a truly canine-centric journey unlike any other – from the ground to the skies,” remarked Matt Meeker, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at BARK, in a statement.

However, this pampered experience comes at a premium. Initially, a single-way ticket for one dog and its human companion will cost no less than $6,000.

The inaugural BARK Air flights are scheduled for May 23, featuring two exclusive routes departing from New York’s Westchester County Airport. Travel to London’s Stansted Airport will command an $8,000 one-way fare, while flights to Los Angeles’s Van Nuys Airport will be priced at $6,000 one-way. Ticket sales commence on April 11.

Beyond simply accommodating dogs, BARK Air is dedicated to treating its furry passengers like VIPs. Passengers can bypass TSA checkpoints and enjoy a simplified check-in process, while their human counterparts indulge in gourmet meals prepared by on-site chefs. A BARK Air concierge will oversee boarding, ensuring dogs are comfortable and socializing well.

Each flight undergoes meticulous “Dogs Fly First” preparations, including the use of calming pheromones, canine-friendly music, and soothing color schemes. Dogs are provided with various amenities such as calming treats, noise-canceling ear muffs, and calming jackets to enhance their flying experience. To aid in adjusting to cabin pressure during takeoff and descent, dogs are offered a beverage of their choice, accompanied by an abundance of treats throughout the flight.

Source: USA Today

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