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Apple Advises Against Rice Method for Wet iPhones

Tech Giant Warns of Potential Damage from Rice Particles

Apple has issued guidance advising users against the popular method of drying wet iPhones in a bag of rice, cautioning that it may lead to small particles of the grain damaging the devices. Despite the technique’s widespread popularity, experts have long warned against its efficacy, and Apple has now officially discouraged its use.

Instead, Apple recommends a different approach for dealing with wet iPhones. Users are advised to gently tap out any liquid, positioning the phone connector facing down, and then allowing it to dry out naturally. The guidance aims to counter several common but potentially harmful practices for water-damaged phones.

Alongside advising against rice, Apple cautions users against using external heat sources or compressed air, including hairdryers and radiators, to dry wet phones. Inserting foreign objects, such as cotton swabs or paper towels, is also discouraged. The company suggests leaving the phone in a dry area with airflow before attempting to reconnect it to a charger.

The guidance emphasizes that the changing design of smartphones, with increased water resistance, may render such advice unnecessary in the future. For instance, Apple devices from the iPhone 12 onwards can withstand immersion up to six meters deep for half an hour.

Despite advancements in water-resistant technology, Apple’s guidance is relevant for older devices and remains pertinent as the global second-hand mobile market continues to grow, necessitating proper advice on handling water-damaged smartphones.

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