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Uber Eats Sri Lanka Introduces Service Fee for Enhanced Delivery Experience

In a recent announcement, Uber Eats Sri Lanka has revealed the implementation of a service fee on orders placed through its widely-used food and grocery delivery app. Commencing on February 29, customers can anticipate a fee restructuring designed to sustain a dependable and efficient delivery service.

Customers utilizing the Uber Eats app will now encounter delivery charges encompassing both the traditional delivery fee and a newly introduced service fee. The service fee, equivalent to 5% of the order’s value, will vary between LKR 25 and LKR 125. Importantly, customers will have transparency as the service fee is displayed at the checkout stage before finalizing the order. The incorporation of this service fee aligns with an overall reduction in the average delivery fee for both food and grocery orders, and small order fees will no longer be applicable to all customers.

Consequently, non-Uber One members can expect to pay a comparable level of delivery charges, including a reduced average delivery fee for food and grocery selections, accompanied by an additional visible service fee during the checkout process.

However, Uber One members will remain unaffected, enjoying exclusive benefits and discounts when ordering from Uber One labeled merchants. For food and grocery orders of LKR 900+ and LKR 1200+, they will continue to experience a zero delivery fee on eligible orders and will not be subject to any service fees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a service fee? The service fee amounts to 5% of the order value, ranging from LKR 25 to LKR 125.

Q. Do Uber One members pay a service fee? No, Uber One members retain the privilege of zero service fees and receive delivery fee discounts on eligible orders.

Q. How is the service fee calculated? The service fee is calculated as a percentage of the order value and is clearly presented during the checkout process.

Q. Does the service fee apply to pick-up orders? No, pick-up orders made through Uber Eats Sri Lanka are exempt from service fees, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

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