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U.S. NGOs Rally to Sri Lanka’s Aid: Over USD 53.9 Million in In-Kind Medicinal Donations Alleviate Healthcare Crisis

In a critical period where international aid and medicinal supplies are paramount for Sri Lanka, a prompt appeal for assistance by the Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Washington D.C., Mahinda Samarasinghe, yielded a compassionate response from three distinguished U.S. non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These organizations, acting on an in-kind basis, have extended generous support to the people of Sri Lanka.

The most recent data reveals that, from July 2022 to the present, the collaborative efforts of the Mission and the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka have successfully orchestrated the coordination and facilitation of approximately USD 53.9 million (approximately LKR 17,067,973,528) worth of in-kind medicinal donations from the U.S. This invaluable aid encompasses a range of critical medications and medical supplies, addressing diverse health conditions and needs within the Sri Lankan population.

The latest consignment, with a monetary value of USD 201,208.32 (approximately LKR 63,632,131), was generously contributed by compassionate Americans. Cleared by the Ministry of Health for distribution on February 20, 2024, this donation, alongside previous consignments from partner NGOs, signifies a significant stride in international collaboration, addressing pressing healthcare requirements in Sri Lanka.

Among the key contributors, Heart to Heart International (HHI) has played a pivotal role, donating lifesaving medicines worth approximately USD 46.8 million, demonstrating unwavering support without any costs to the Sri Lankan government or its citizens. Headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, HHI is a global humanitarian organization committed to enhancing health access worldwide, having delivered medical aid exceeding $2.6 billion to over 130 countries since its inception in 1992.

Americares, another crucial partner NGO, has contributed significantly with in-kind medicinal donations worth USD 4.4 million. With a focus on health-related relief and development, Americares has reached 85 countries, including the United States, providing life-changing health programs, medicine, medical supplies, and emergency aid, totaling more than $20 billion in aid to 164 countries over its four-decade history.

Additionally, HOPE Worldwide, in a commendable effort, donated essential medicines valued at USD 2.7 million in September 2022. Established in 1991, HOPE Worldwide partners with countries in need, mobilizes volunteers, responds to disasters, and strengthens communities, all aimed at inspiring greater hope worldwide.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington, D.C. expresses profound gratitude for the sustained assistance rendered by these organizations, acknowledging their pivotal role in fostering international cooperation and providing vital healthcare support to the people of Sri Lanka.

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