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The Commercial Bank of Ceylon Introduces Innovative Features to its Pioneering ‘eSlip’ App in Sri Lanka

In a bid to champion sustainability through digital banking, The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has unveiled a host of new features for its groundbreaking ‘eSlip’ app, marking a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s banking landscape.

Enhancing Over-the-Counter Cash Deposits

The eSlip app, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, empowers customers to expedite the cash deposit process by electronically completing deposit forms on their smartphones while en route to a branch. Upon arrival, customers can seamlessly proceed to the cash counter to deposit funds into their own accounts or those of fellow Commercial Bank customers.

Revolutionizing the Deposit Experience

The latest upgrades aim to make over-the-counter cash deposits faster and more straightforward, improving both customer and counter staff convenience. This move aligns with the bank’s commitment to an innovation-driven green future.

Key Features of the Upgrade

  1. ID Document Verification: The app now verifies National Identity Card (NIC) numbers, streamlining the process of confirming a customer’s existing relationship with the bank.
  2. eSlip Groups: Users can create groups of up to 10 eSlips under a single QR code, offering added convenience for those making deposits to multiple accounts.
  3. PDF Receipts: The app enables users to generate PDF receipts for completed eSlip transactions, facilitating easy sharing across popular mobile platforms like WhatsApp, Email, and Viber.

Seamless Transition and Environmental Consciousness

The upgraded app maintains compatibility with the old eSlip format, ensuring access to previously completed eSlips. Designed for paper-free transactions, it caters to environmentally conscious clients, eliminating the need for paper and envelopes in the deposit process.

Multilingual and User-Friendly

The eSlip app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store, catering to users in English, Sinhala, and Tamil. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the app streamlines the deposit process while promoting environmental responsibility.

Streamlined and Convenient Banking

The eSlip app allows users to create electronic deposits for cash and cheque transactions, facilitating a hassle-free and efficient banking experience. Clients can conveniently verify recipient account numbers, categorize deposits, and track transactions with ease.

About Commercial Bank of Ceylon

As the largest private sector bank in Sri Lanka and the first Sri Lankan bank listed among the Top 1000 Banks of the World, Commercial Bank operates a vast network of branches and automated machines. Renowned for its leadership in digital innovation, the bank caters to an extensive clientele and boasts a significant international footprint.

In Conclusion

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon’s latest enhancements to the eSlip app underscore its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and fostering sustainability in the evolving landscape of digital banking in Sri Lanka.

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