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Suzuki Motor Corporation Announces Safety Recall for Suzuki WagonR Fuel System

Suzuki Motor Corporation, based in Japan, has initiated a safety recall pertaining to the fuel system of its Japanese Suzuki WagonR model range. As the exclusive distributor of Suzuki vehicles in Sri Lanka, Associated Motorways (Private) Limited (AMW) is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety and satisfaction of Suzuki WagonR owners.

The safety recall is a preemptive action to address fuel impurity blockages within the fuel system, specifically targeting inaccurate fuel readings in the Instrument Cluster Panel. If left unattended, this issue could result in engine stalling due to insufficient fuel warnings. The affected models encompass the Suzuki WagonR Premium, Suzuki WagonR FX/FZ, Suzuki Spacia, and the Suzuki Stingray.

Approximately 32,500 Suzuki WagonR vehicles in Sri Lanka are impacted by this safety recall, with around 3,800 vehicles already recalled and serviced. Owners of affected vehicles are urged to visit via computer or mobile device to input their chassis number and determine if their vehicle is part of the recall. This website offers comprehensive information on the recall procedure along with instructions for owners.

Once confirmation of inclusion in the recall is obtained, owners are encouraged to contact the AMW Contact Centre at 0117 609609 to schedule a recall appointment. Recall activities and part replacements will be executed on a first-come-first-served basis at designated AMW locations specified by the contact centre.

AMW reassures customers that part replacements will be provided free of charge, ensuring peace of mind for Suzuki WagonR owners. Customer safety and satisfaction remain the top priority, and AMW is dedicated to swiftly and efficiently resolving this issue.

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