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Sri Lanka Showcases Boating Industry Excellence at Dubai International Boat Show

The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB), in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Embassy in the UAE and the Sri Lanka Consulate General in Dubai, successfully organized Sri Lanka’s participation at the 30th edition of the Dubai International Boat Show (DBIS), held from February 28th to March 3rd, 2024, in Dubai, UAE.

Emerging Export Sector: Recognizing the Boat & Ship Building sector as an emerging export segment, the Sri Lankan government, with strategic assistance from EDB, aimed to capitalize on the global demand for boats. The industry’s commitment to advanced materials, sustainable manufacturing, and skilled labor positions Sri Lanka competitively in the international market.

Strategic Advantages for Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka, with its strategic location, trainable workforce, and cost advantages, is poised to tap into the increasing demand for boats worldwide, catering to various purposes such as fishing, industrial, commercial, and leisure activities.

Government Support and Initiatives: Acknowledging the sector’s importance, the government has initiated measures to strengthen marketing, promotion, and branding initiatives. The goal is to enhance both national and international recognition of the Sri Lankan Boat industry.

Promotional Programs and International Presence: EDB, in its efforts to raise industry awareness, has implemented various promotional programs. This includes co-organizing the Boat & Marine Show Sri Lanka biennially and establishing Sri Lanka country pavilions at prestigious global boat shows like Genoa Boat Show in Italy and Dusseldorf Boat Show in Germany.

Sri Lanka Pavilion at DBIS 2024: Continuing its promotional efforts, EDB organized a Sri Lanka Country Pavilion at the DBIS 2024 in Dubai. The objectives were to enhance international visibility, gain insights into market trends and technologies, and establish business contacts with global boat and marine vendors. Three Sri Lankan Boat Builders/exporters showcased their products, exploring potential avenues for the development and promotion of the Sri Lanka Boat Building industry.

Significance of DBIS: DBIS stands out as the largest and most established boat show in the UAE, GCC, and Middle East. It serves as a crucial platform for industry professionals, boat owners, and potential buyers to network, build relationships, and explore business opportunities.

Knowledge Exchange and Seminars: The show not only features an impressive display of boats and yachts but also provides opportunities for knowledge exchange through seminars. Attendees can stay updated on industry trends, innovations, and developments. Sri Lankan participants had the chance to present the capabilities of the Sri Lankan Boating industry at a seminar organized parallel to DBIS.

EDB’s Continued Support: EDB remains committed to supporting the industry by addressing challenges and creating opportunities for growth in the international market. Through collaborative efforts, Sri Lanka’s Boating industry aims to further establish its presence and contribute to the global maritime landscape.

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