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Softlogic Stockbrokers Launches StockGPT: Revolutionizing Sri Lanka’s Financial Market Landscape

Softlogic Stockbrokers, the full-service brokerage arm of Softlogic Capital PLC, has strategically disrupted Sri Lanka’s financial market landscape with the launch of StockGPT. Developed by the in-house tech team of the group, StockGPT utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, to provide investors, financial analysts, and fund managers with unprecedented and instant access to real-time, credible information on companies listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). The platform, now accessible through, is designed to analyze credible and direct sources from annual reports of CSE-listed companies, along with reports related to the financial and tourism sectors, given their significance to the national economy.

The inspiration behind StockGPT originates from customer feedback highlighting the limitations of relying solely on stockbroking firms for market research, impacting the speed and efficiency of investment decision-making. Addressing the challenge of information asymmetry, where investors may receive only partial insights, StockGPT aims to provide a game-changing solution by offering direct access to vital company information listed on the CSE.

Softlogic Stockbrokers aims to bring a transformative shift in the Sri Lankan financial market with StockGPT, providing greater accessibility for users anytime, anywhere. By leveraging AI, the platform directly addresses issues such as information asymmetry and time constraints prevalent in traditional stockbroker interactions. Users can ask StockGPT various questions related to companies listed on the CSE, enhancing their decision-making process.

Commenting on the innovation, Dihan Dedigama, Director/Chief Executive Officer of Softlogic Stockbrokers, expressed pride in introducing StockGPT, emphasizing its role in revolutionizing market research and fostering informed decision-making. He highlighted the platform’s contribution to the growth and modernization of Sri Lanka’s financial sector, ensuring all stakeholders have the necessary tools for success.

StockGPT employs world-class technologies to ensure data security and protection, with platforms like Microsoft OpenAI enhancing reliability and security for users. The company’s dedication to client-centricity and vision for a dynamic investment environment underscores its commitment to innovation.

Saranga Wijayarathne, Chief Digital Innovation Officer at Softlogic Life, praised the in-house team’s dedication and expertise, emphasizing their role in driving technological advancements and elevating industry standards. He highlighted StockGPT as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and its capability to address real-world requirements.

Softlogic Stockbrokers has been at the forefront of introducing industry-first digital solutions in the financial service sector, attracting new investors and fostering growth. The company’s initiatives, including the pioneering online platform for opening Central Depository System (CDS) accounts within an hour, demonstrate its commitment to innovation and growth.

Over the past decade, Softlogic Stockbrokers has evolved from serving a handful of investors to supporting thousands of clients, backed by an award-winning research team providing market insights and financial support. As a subsidiary of Softlogic Capital PLC and part of the Softlogic Group’s financial services sector, the company continues to drive innovation and growth in Sri Lanka’s financial market landscape.

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