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Singapore Food Agency Delegation Explores Potential for Sri Lankan Poultry Exports

A delegation from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), the regulatory authority responsible for ensuring food safety and security in Singapore, undertook a visit to Sri Lanka from March 25th to 28th. Led by Dr. Abdul Jalil Abdul Karder, Assistant Chief Executive Officer (Operations), the delegation included two additional officers from the SFA’s Joint Operation Division. The primary objective of the visit was to conduct pre-inspections of slaughterhouses in Sri Lanka seeking licenses from the SFA, with the aim of assessing the potential of Sri Lankan companies to serve as approved sources of poultry products for Singapore.

For Sri Lanka to export poultry products to Singapore, compliance with the stringent standards set by the SFA is essential. To facilitate this process, the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) arranged supplementary visits for the SFA delegation to a rice processing mill, a fruit and vegetable processing center, and a seafood export company. Through collaborative efforts involving the SFA, the Sri Lanka High Commission in Singapore, the Department of Animal Production & Health (DAPH), and the EDB, initiatives were undertaken to promote Sri Lankan products, particularly poultry and rice, in the Singaporean market.

Currently, applications for licenses from Sri Lankan poultry processing and export companies, facilitated by the DAPH, are undergoing evaluation by the SFA. Additionally, samples from various rice processing mills have been submitted to the SFA for further assessment by potential clients. During their visit, the Singaporean delegation engaged in discussions with Dr. Kingsley Bernard, Chairman of the EDB, and other officials, focusing on existing export opportunities and strategies to enhance trade relations between the two nations. Representatives from the Sri Lanka Food Processors Association and the Sri Lanka Fruit & Vegetable Association also participated in these discussions.

The visit of the SFA delegation signifies a significant stride toward bolstering trade ties between Singapore and Sri Lanka. It underscores the importance of understanding international quality and safety standards for exports while exploring avenues for Sri Lankan poultry products to enter the Singaporean market, and expanding opportunities for other agricultural and fisheries products in Singapore.

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