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Serendib Flour Mills Celebrates 15 Years of Transformative Impact on Sri Lankan Living Standards

Serendib Flour Mills (SFML) proudly marks 15 years of dedicated efforts to enhance the quality of life for all Sri Lankans through the production of top-notch wheat flour products, integrating technological excellence with superior after-sales service.

Elevating Sri Lanka’s Food Ecosystem: Established in 2008, SFML has significantly transformed Sri Lanka’s broader food ecosystem, setting higher standards in the bakery and food industry. The company’s commitment to improving the country’s quality of life is reflected in its CEO Vijay Sharma’s words, “Since our founding, SFML’s purpose has been to nourish Sri Lankan families with essential, quality wheat flour while raising industry standards.”

Robust Food Security Measures: In pursuit of its purpose, SFML has implemented robust food security measures, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of wheat flour. The company manages five regional warehouses strategically located across Sri Lanka, stocking substantial quantities of wheat flour to guarantee easy market access for distributors and affirming food security.

Product Innovation and Market Segmentation: SFML’s entrance into the market diversified the available wheat flour varieties. Specific products like ‘Bakers Flour’ and ‘Rotti Flour’ were developed to cater to distinct market niches, enhancing the overall quality of baked goods.

Value-Added Products and Industry Collaboration: To further elevate the bakery industry, SFML introduced value-added products like ‘Premium Bakery Flour,’ enabling bakeries to deliver superior quality bread. Collaboration with partners like AB Mauri has contributed to ongoing skill development initiatives, resulting in premium bakery products.

Addressing Nutritional Needs: Understanding the nutritional needs of different communities, SFML collaborated with the Plantation Human Development Trust to develop ‘Serendib Adi Shakthi,’ a fortified flour aimed at improving the nutrition of the estate community.

Combatting Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs): To address the high prevalence of NCDs in Sri Lanka, SFML launched ‘7 Star Fibre Plus,’ a wheat flour containing 3% dietary fibre, iron, and folic acid, aimed at combating NCD risk factors and promoting overall health.

Community Wellbeing Initiatives: Apart from commercial endeavors, SFML prioritizes the wellbeing of its people. Initiatives like ‘Serendib Uththama Dalada 2023′ allowed over 100 elderly individuals from elders’ homes to witness the Annual Kandy Dalada perahera. During the COVID-19 pandemic, SFML’s ‘7 Star Manusathkara’ program aimed to provide wheat flour to over 1,000 families in the Chilaw district, supporting vulnerable sections of society.

Environmental Sustainability: In a bid to nourish the environment, SFML delivered wheat flour in bulk tankers, reducing landfill waste by eliminating the use of PP bags and contributing to overall environmental sustainability.

As SFML commemorates 15 years, it expresses gratitude to partners and customers for their trust and remains steadfast in its commitment to enriching the nation’s sustenance and nourishing Sri Lankan families for years to come. Source –

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