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“Ripoti: New Online App by Paradigm Initiative Aids in Reporting Digital Rights Violations in Africa”

An online application named Ripoti, developed by the Pan-African Organisation, Paradigm Initiative (PIN), has been unveiled to support journalists and others in reporting and tackling digital rights infringements across Africa.

Accessible via, the application provides a range of resources, including legal assistance, counseling, mental health support, and digital security guidance, to aid victims. It was developed in response to the escalating instances of digital rights violations, aiming to combat such incidents with a strategic and collective approach. Additionally, the application incorporates accessibility features to ensure inclusivity for visually impaired individuals.

Ripoti collaborates with various organizations to protect digital rights, including civil society organizations (CSOs), lawyers, researchers, National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs), cybersecurity experts, counselors, law enforcement agencies, and journalists. It documents and responds to violations, offering victims legal representation, counseling, mental health support, and digital security assistance.

This initiative is crucial due to the challenges faced by digital rights in Africa, as highlighted by widespread internet restrictions such as shutdowns and content throttling reported in 2022. While effective legal enforcement remains necessary, the launch of this application represents a significant step toward effectively safeguarding digital rights across the continent.

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