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Freightos (NASDAQ: CRGO) Announces Partnership between WebCargo by Freightos and Fits Cargo

Freightos (NASDAQ: CRGO), a prominent vendor-neutral booking and payment platform in the international freight industry, has revealed a strategic partnership between WebCargo by Freightos and Fits Cargo, an innovative carrier amalgamating physical airline operations with interline agreements spanning over 160 airlines. This collaboration aims to expand Fits Cargo’s services across WebCargo’s vast network comprising thousands of freight forwarders and dozens of airline carriers.

Based in Sri Lanka, Fits Cargo annually transports over 4 million kilograms of air freight, maintaining a direct presence in key locations like Dubai, India, Hong Kong, and the Maldives. Additionally, they have established GSA and CSA setups in over 70 countries. Fits Cargo has initiated offering capacity to freight forwarders on WebCargo’s platform, focusing on popular routes such as Chennai – Colombo, Colombo – Dubai, and India – various destinations worldwide.

Zameer Marikkar, Chief Commercial Officer at Fits Cargo, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “Fits Cargo is excited to take this step and offer capacity on WebCargo’s platform to continue delivering value to our customers in an increasingly digital freight world.” He emphasized that WebCargo’s e-booking solution and interline platform enhance their global reach and connectivity, facilitating seamless transactions and eBookings for clients while bolstering Fits Cargo’s market presence.

Manel Galindo, Chief Revenue Officer at WebCargo, echoed this excitement, noting, “We are thrilled to partner with Fits Cargo, a forward-thinking freight carrier that quickly adapts to industry shifts and evolving customer demands.” Galindo highlighted the compatibility of Fits Cargo’s interline partnerships with WebCargo’s platform, which offers integrated digital interline services. This integration enables Fits Cargo to instantly book capacity with their interline partners, providing customers access to a wide network of destinations across Africa, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific, and South America.

To book cargo with Fits Cargo or register for a free WebCargo account, visit here.

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