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Bezos Earth Fund Announces $100 Million AI Grand Challenge to Combat Climate Change

The Bezos Earth Fund unveiled a groundbreaking $100 million grand challenge on Tuesday, aimed at harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to address climate change and environmental degradation.

Established by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as part of the $10 billion fund, this initiative seeks to leverage AI technologies to tackle urgent environmental challenges.

Acknowledging the high cost and rapid evolution of AI, along with the barriers faced by many practitioners lacking the necessary expertise, infrastructure, and funding, the challenge aims to bridge these gaps.

The AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge will unfold over a three-year period, offering grants to a diverse range of stakeholders, including university researchers, innovators, NGOs, private companies, and global organizations.

With an initial focus on sustainable proteins, biodiversity conservation, and power grid optimization, the challenge also includes a flexible “wild card” category for proposals outside these realms.

The inaugural grant recipients, up to 30 seed grantees, will be revealed during Climate Week in New York City in September. Alongside financial support, winners will gain access to mentorship and other valuable resources to advance their projects.

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