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Adani’s Wind Power Tariff is Sri Lanka’s Lowest, Saving Over $270 Million Annually

Adani’s wind power tariff of 24.78 LKR per unit is the lowest in Sri Lanka, cheaper than the CEB’s 100 MW Wind power plant at Thambapavani and significantly lower than oil-based power at 80 LKR per unit.

By replacing higher-cost, import-dependent fossil fuel power, Adani’s project will save Sri Lanka over US$ 270 million annually in foreign exchange, potentially up to US$ 5.4 billion over the project’s lifetime.

Competitive Tariff Rates

The tariff negotiated for Adani’s wind power project is highly competitive, as illustrated in the table below: Adani’s project, with a tariff of 24.78 LKR per unit, is notably lower than the tariffs of other renewable energy projects recently approved, and significantly cheaper than fossil fuel-based power generation.

Generating about 1,500 million units of green power annually, the project will meet the energy needs of 590,000 households and help Sri Lanka achieve its Renewable Energy Target of 70% by 2030. This green energy production will avoid 1.06 million tons of CO2 emissions annually, offering an economic benefit of up to US$ 100 million per year.

Targeted for completion by 2025, the project will reduce the government’s electricity purchase costs by approximately US$ 83 million per year (about LKR 25 billion), leading to a reduction in consumer electricity tariffs by 17 LKR per unit.

(This statement was released by Adani Green Energy Ltd.)

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